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Moda Tim SA, established in 1959 in Timisoara, was privatised in
1994 and then initiated a comprehensive programme to develop and
modernise through the introduction of the most up to date technology.

The recent move into brand new purpose built premises just outside Timisoara is the culmination of this project which has resulted in the company being much leaner and more fit for purpose in the present economic environment.

Moda Tim manufactures a comprehensive range of ladies garments, as well as outdoor clothing for men.

The core activity is the manufacture of outdoor clothing using a wide variety of fabrics including natural fibres such as wool, cotton & cashmere as well as technical fabrics.

Ladies tailoring (mainly blazers), as well as skirts and trousers, represents the other significant element of Moda Tim's production.

Modatim employs a well trained and therefore highly skilled labour force of more than 450 employees; it utilises the latest technology from manufacturers such as Juki, Durkopp, Pfaff (sewing machines) and Indupress (ironing presses) to ensure as efficient a production process as possible. The present production capacity is approx. 200.000 garments per year with a potential to substantially increase within the new production facility.

This privately owned company believes first and foremost in service, quality and on-time deliveries.

Modatim also offers other services for pre-production, such as: 

  • Pattern Making and Grading: patterns are made using an Assyst CAD system for accurate and fault free patterns and markers.
  • Sample Manufacturing: through a well equipped sampling section for meeting the required quality and time schedule.
  • Quality Department (Fabrics): using its own experienced and professionally equipped Quality Control department headed by a Quality Manager for checking and testing of fabrics. The company also has an in-house laboratory for testing shrinkage, colour and rubbing fastness.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Production): the company has a fully qualified and trained team of professionals who can adapt and meet the quality standards demanded by our clients. It has also implemented the quality audit, based on AQL 2.5, so that its clients are assured the highest level of quality.
  • Sourcing raw-materials for production
  • Delivery into clients' warehouses

The production lead-time is six weeks subject to certain criteria.

Moda Tim has more then 10 years experience of fully factored manufacturing, so it develops a critical path for each client to ensure that all the various production steps such as agreeing samples, sending samples, approving samples, placing the production order, agreeing technical specifications, placing orders to the mills, approval for production, delivery into the warehouse are all completed by the agreed date.

Moda Tim aims to develop partnerships for both fully-factored and CMT clients and to offer further services, such as washing, dying, dry cleaning, embroidering, etc. where needed.

In March 2009, the company relocated to brand new single story premises. The floor area of over 8100 sq. metres was carefully designed to meet both our present and likely future needs. The new facility will, of itself, increase efficiencies in all departments thus making the offer to our clients much stronger.

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